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Beauty Bus Campaign

In JOUR 471 – Public Relations Management & Campaigns, I had the rewarding opportunity to rebrand Beauty Bus, a nonprofit delivering beauty and grooming services to seriously ill individuals and their caregivers. I developed a comprehensive business proposal, including a new logo, an updated brand kit with a revised color palette and fonts, and a sample social media content calendar. Additionally, I crafted an email pitch to enhance their outreach efforts. 

Catapult Film Fund Campaign

The final project for JOUR 471 was a group endeavor where I served as the agency lead for my team, Sprinkle Social. We proposed a comprehensive campaign for the Catapult Film Fund, centered on an exclusive fundraising event to attract prominent industry professionals and potential donors. We meticulously planned the date, time, and location to ensure optimal attendance and included a structured awards segment to honor distinguished guests, broadcast live via social media. Our proposal also featured targeted promotional strategies, such as social media takeovers by current filmmakers and a spotlight series highlighting past collaborators.


For the final project in JOUR 104 – Social Media Communication, we were tasked with planning and executing a social media campaign. My group decided to focus on raising awareness about the dangers of vaping and encouraging smokers to quit. As the project leader, I took charge of researching, writing, designing, and scheduling content for Instagram. Additionally, I wrote and produced an animated video to support our campaign.

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