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Published Works

DIG – "A Journey of Resilience: From Uncertainty to Triumph"

Amid pandemic-induced uncertainty, I found myself at a crossroads, feeling unfulfilled in my job and uncertain about my future. Supported by my family and inspired by my young sister Luna, I boldly returned to college as a non-traditional college student.

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DÍG en Español – "Guilt and Gratitude: The studying abroad experience of a first-gen Latina"

This essay was written for CSULB's bilingual magazine DÍG en Español to reflect on my experience studying abroad as a first-generation Latinx college student.

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DÍG en Español – "10 Must-Have Products from Latinx Beauty Brands"

I wrote this article for CSULB's bilingual magazine DÍG en Español in order to “support Latinx brands that honor and are proudly inspired by [Latinx] culture.” This article features a list of 10 beauty products from Latinx brands.

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Talon Marks – "Young & Buzzed"

As a staff writer for Talon Marks, I authored several articles, including the notable front-page piece "Young & Buzzed." This article explored the decline in college drinking rates despite the controversy surrounding the Four Lokos alcoholic energy beverage. I investigated the factors influencing the changing drinking habits among college students and analyzed the impact of regulatory actions on such products.

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Talon Marks – "Depression: The Ugly Truth"

Another significant article I wrote for Talon Marks was "Depression: The Ugly Truth," which focused on the rising depression rates among college students. I conducted interviews with fellow students to gain insights into their experiences and perspectives, shedding light on the alarming data and the need for increased mental health support on campus. This piece aimed to raise awareness and encourage open discussions about mental health challenges faced by students.

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